Happy month of June! Time flies, and it’s almost July. Next month at around this time, I will be moving to Bloomington, IN to attend Indiana University, so these next few weeks will be busy for me! I hope you’re all doing well. Here are a few updates you may be interested in:


            I’ve had some time to read in the past month, and I’ve made it through the Maze Runner series by James Dashner as well as Opening Moves by Steven James. I have seen the first two MR movies, so I wanted to read the books and compare. Predictably, the books are much different than the movies, but somewhat to my surprise, I enjoy the movies MORE than the books. After reading them, I think they’re probably just for a younger audience. Oh well.

            On the other hand, Opening Moves was incredible (as I suspected it would be). For those of you who have not experienced Steven James’ books, you should look into them. I can definitely say that he is my favorite author (sorry, Brad Thor). His Patrick Bowers crime/thrillers are so intelligently written and manage to transport you into the story. If you’re new to James, start with Opening Moves (a prequel) or The Pawn.


            I’m hip-deep in the editing process of Defiance Duo’s first work, Songs of the Earth. Not to give away too much, but I can say that Africa and Antarctica will undergo major changes! I’m also making progress in a duet for violin and marimba, written for my two friends, Kelsey and Ben. The piece is called With Flowers, We Gather, and each movement will be a different kind of flower. So far, my process has been to come up with the theme of each movement and then expand/modify it from there.


            Exciting news! Duo partner Kia Frank & I just received some new recording equipment, and it is AWESOME. I ordered the Behringer FCA1616, a pair of Rode pencil condenser microphones, and a Blue Spark microphone. The quality of the Blue mic with Kia’s voice astounded me, and having the Rode mics means I can finally record the marimba without an irritating, metallic buzz! Hopefully, this means I can get recordings up on this and the Defiance Duo websites soon and start putting together a demo CD for distribution.


            In climbing news, I’m catching up on my Bouldering World Cups. I missed the Vail competition, and unfortunately I know who wins, but I’ll still enjoy watching the finals. As a bit of advice to novice or beginner climbers, try to use a straight-arm technique whenever possible. It conserves energy for bigger moves or when you’re in an awkward position.

Moving Sale!

            July 8-9 from 8AM-5PM at 17 N Rocky River Dr. Berea, OH 44017! Kia and I are cleaning out before moving to Indiana. Come by and chat with us! We listed our sale on gsalr.com. To search sales or list your own, check out http://gsalr.com/list-garage-sale.