I wrote this relatively straightforward piece in my first year at the Jacobs School of Music. It was commissioned by my two close friends, Ben Shaheen and Kelsey Broker at Baldwin Wallace University. I wanted each of the four movements to evoke the moods of certain flowers and also the situations where those flowers are common.

          Daisies represent innocence and ease. They are circular and endless. You’ll hear perpetual motion in both instruments that does not cease until the end.

          Roses represent passion and unity. In this case, there is drama in passion, but it shouldn’t be overstated. You’ll hear elements of tango and the two themes fuse.

          Lilies represent grace with a tinge of sadness. Common at funerals, there is a certain seriousness about them, but this movement allows greater emotion than the others for the performers and the audience.

          Tulips represent new life, growth, and sunshine. The music gradually spaces out as it progresses to its sunny end.