Hello! Welcome to the blog. It is my hope that the things I post spark conversation and facilitate communication between everyone. For the most part, I will be giving updates on my passions. This could range from projects in progress, fresh research, and good informational content to delicious cuisine and fun outings. I look forward to hearing from you! Please comment your thoughts.


            I’ve been reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg for a while now, and it has some wonderful things to say about how habits can control our behavior. Has anyone else read this? I find the personal stories/studies fascinating. It also presents solutions for “changing” bad habits. Duhigg asserts that there is almost always a cue for the habit, and the response to that cue needs to change. Definitely an enlightening read!


            My compositional life is quite busy at the moment. A lot of my time is going into arranging material for Defiance Duo. This includes songs of the popular, folk, and Renaissance variety. In addition to arranging for the duo, I have a few new percussion trios in the works as well as a new piece for the Baldwin Wallace Symphonic Wind Ensemble. I’ll try to post some preview photos in the near future. Check my catalog page for updates on completed works.


            While I compose and arrange, I also take time to practice solo repertoire to continue developing technique and sound. Recently, I’ve started work on Kopetzki’s Three Movements for a Solo Dancer. The second movement, Dance on a Shattered Mirror, is technically complex but feels so good to play and listen to. Exactly the kind of music that I love! I’m also returning to the Bach cello suites (on marimba). Over the years, the more I play and listen to Bach, the more I love it. You can always learn something new and improve your sound!


            I love climbing. It's a great form of exercise, and a way to challenge yourself physically and mentally. I've been trying to do it more and more recently, and for those of you who also like it, you should watch this video. The 10 Coolest Climbing Gyms.


            I’ve had a few good eats recently, but in general, check out the Yummly website and free app. They have so many great recipes with full ingredient lists, cooking directions, and syncing shopping lists. If you’re on the go or want new ideas outside of your cookbook, this is worth a look.