What is music transcription?

Music transcription, in this case, refers to the hearing of music and the process of writing that music in the form of notation.


What if I'm interested?

I have completed multiple requests for originally composed songs to be transferred from a recording to paper. This process can be limited to a single vocal line or include multiple instruments. If you’re interested in my services and have a piece of music you’d like notated or you just want to learn more about it, please visit the “Contact” tab and let me know!


What's the cost?

The fee for this service varies depending on the duration of the piece, the number of instrumental lines to transcribe, and the overall complexity. At present, the most inexpensive song I have completed was $35, and the most expensive has been $100 (keep in mind, both of these just contained a vocal line and chord symbols). If you would like to hire me, I will require any lyrics, additional information, and a recording of the piece. Thanks!



I have completed multiple commissions ranging from piano accompaniments to arrangements for wind ensemble. The fee takes into account a number of factors, including hours spent working, size of ensemble, duration, etc. I'm very open to new ideas, so please contact me if you have a proposition!