Hello friends. My apologies for missing last month! April seems to always be a period of academic chaos, but I have emerged unscathed on the other side. A lot has happened since I last talked to you, so I’ll start catching you up on the lost time. First, Kia and I are now engaged! After a wonderful weekend back in Berea, OH, we went to breakfast with friends and then got engaged in front of our church home in Westlake. We’re planning on a long engagement with a wedding in 2019, but the planning has already started! I’ll send updates as things proceed.


The past month at IU has been a little crazy. Everything becomes due at once, and end-of-the-year exams are always taxing. During the last week of classes, I had three different listening exams in three days. It was intense. Hopefully, I can post on defianceduo.com soon about my preparation for that, but, in short, it involved a lot of memorization and planning in advance. And I think I aced all of them, so it worked!

My IU choir experience ended for the year with some great repertoire. I was able to sing Bach’s “Nach dir, Herr, verlanget mich” alongside some Brahms, Schuetz, Mendelssohn, and Haydn. Hooray for choir!

Also, Kia and I just received news that she qualifies for in-state tuition. Which saves us A LOT of money. We’re pretty pleased about that!


On April 9, Chris Trlak performed my work, Hunting Patterns for multipercussion, on IU’s Hammer & Nail collaboration concert. It was great! Bravo Chris, and thank you for putting so much time into it. I will be posting a recording soon!

On April 29, my friends Ben Shaheen and Kelsey Broker performed With Flowers, We Gather on Ben’s recital. They were amazing, and everyone seemed to enjoy the performance! Hopefully, I will have a recording of this soon as well, so keep checking back for that!

On May 2, my friend Mitchell Beck performed my new piece for marimba and fixed media, Buzzer Beater. This was my first foray into the marimba-and-tape world, but he played it well! Some changes will be made, and I don’t yet view it as a finished product, but I came through with much more knowledge than before.


I’m very excited, because the 2017 Bouldering World Cup circuit has started! If you are interested, check out the competitions in Meiringen, Chongqing, and Nanjing on YouTube.

At my own gym, the problems being set are still quite difficult. One of the more recent sets had a bunch of V4s on the overhang that were probably at least V6s. Perhaps they realized that, because that set has now been replaced. Despite the difficulty, I continue to feel stronger and more stable on the wall. That’s good, because I only have a few months left to reach my goal of climbing V6/7 after a year of climbing!



This is only some of what’s happening. Come back next time to find out about my search for Doctoral programs, new transcription and job happenings, and a few unforeseen changes that affect my current wind ensemble project. Thanks!