Welcome to 2017. May you all have a better year than the last and make a positive difference in our world. I’m here in Bloomington writing this before school begins next week. I’ve had a somewhat relaxing break, but I’ve been working and traveling quite a bit. Only about 2 days at home this year to celebrate Christmas with my family because of work! Here are a few thoughts about what the new year may look like for me.


          My classes this semester will be very similar to last semester. I’ll still be taking composition lessons, composition seminar, and choir. I’ll also be in the next level of Electronic Music working with Max MSP and a course dedicated to Chopin (which will be AWESOME). Chopin has always inspired me, so I’m excited to dig into his music and get to know him a bit more.


          This year, I’ll be spending a lot of time writing a piece for wind ensemble titled Prologue for Carlos. The work will be a companion piece to Michael Colgrass’s Winds of Nagual. I’ve also made some progress on a requiem that you’ll hear more about later! Perhaps another smaller piece as well.


          Because of the expense, I cannot continue my formal percussion lessons, but I plan to keep my skills sharp. I purchased a set of 2 congas from my teacher, so now I can practice that technique and skillset on my own. A marimba is still the end goal though. Right now, my apartment is a little lacking in space, but I anticipate financing an instrument in the next few years!


          Wow, I received so many cool books over the holidays! Some highlights are a few HALO novels, a conspiracy theory investigation collection, multiple rock climbing informational reads, an entrepreneurship guide, and a biography of Elon Musk. I can’t wait to dive into these!


          My exercise routine has taken quite a blow over the holidays, and I’m excited to get back into a consistent pattern. I’m happy with the strength I’ve gained these past 5 months. Now, I need to keep putting the work in.


          I seem to be very behind when it comes to movies. Over the coming year, I hope I can stay more current, so if you have any suggestions, please share them!


          I also hope to indulge myself in the art world a bit more. I plan to investigate some museums and art galleries in the area and improve my knowledge of other disciplines (besides music).