Welcome back, friends! I hope summer is proceeding wonderfully for you all. As I move into these few months of rest from school, I am realizing that to-do lists for each day are amazing. Such great work is accomplished during the school year, only to have the work ethic lost over the summer. This summer, I am focused on maintaining my ambition and momentum.

Looking Toward the Doctorate

Incredibly, it is almost time for me to apply for more school. Again… It seems like this just happened! My MM program at IU is only 2 years, so I only had a year of uninterrupted school before application time. I’ll be happy when the school application process is done for good!

Most doctoral programs have application deadlines in either December 2017 or January 2018. This means that I have to be completing the applications during the fall term. Luckily, I’ve been thinking about it ahead of time, and I have my list of schools narrowed down to a few. Now, what I need are recordings. Music schools typically require pre-screening portfolios. For composition, this includes both scores and recordings. To obtain those recordings, I will be having my recital in the fall. Hopefully, it goes well, because I’ll be submitting those recordings to doctoral programs!

Regarding school choice, I started with a large list, similar to my list of possible MM institutions. I’ve looked through faculty, cost, location, length of program, and reputability (just to name a few). Now, I have three schools that I would feel great about attending. That’s all I can do for now!


My composing has actually been quite busy lately. The summer began with a film scoring project. The IU Cinema restores silent films and periodically has a competition that chooses a student composer to score the film. I, at a very late date, decided to enter. I had a little more than a week to compose a 5min film score excerpt. It was a crazy idea! I sketched out the entire thing in a few days and then got to work making the smaller pitch and orchestration decisions. I submitted it on time, happy with the product but not expecting anything to come from it. I found out today that I did not win the commission. But the reason I did it was to push myself and find out if I was capable of putting something together under those constraints. I feel grateful to have earned that experience and view it as a success nonetheless.


I have acquired a few new jobs. One of those is a music transcription gig with a vocal music group based in Bloomington! They send me recordings, and I turn them into sheet music. Its great work for me, because it keeps my ears and theory skills sharp.

Go Ape

My other new job is with Go Ape, the treetop adventure company! I now get to work with Kia as a Guest Service Coordinator, assisting guests in enjoying their tree climbing. It’s a remote position with better compensation than I’m used to and an amazing group of colleagues. Pretty much all I could hope for!